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Leads are the reason you will thrive or fail. And getting them is tough when there are so many other agents vying for the same attention—not to even mention the big dogs like Zillow.

That’s the reason we created The Modern Agent Blueprint, which will turn your real estate business into an irresistible lead magnet, give you everything you need to increase your leads, appointments and sales, and ultimately destroy your competition.

Skyrocket your leads as the local Real Estate authority

Get more deals without chasing prospects or spending a ton

Book more appointments with people in your community

Get paid more by your vendors

Become the face of Real Estate in your local area

Here’s what’s included in the Blueprint.

Our comprehensive, week-by-week marketing course

We take our most effective lead attraction techniques and secrets, boil them down to their fundamentals, then lay them in a section-by-section, easy-to-read format.

Applying the techniques you learn in your everyday routine will make you an unstoppable force in lead generation.

What you’ll learn

  • How to discover more hours in your already packed schedule
  • The ideal planning and time blocking methods for the Modern Agent
  • How to become a killer local influencer
  • Ways to engage and get involved with your community
  • The most effective inbound marketing techniques
  • How to build your brand and online presence
  • How to create a website that nets you leads and increases influence
  • The best email marketing techniques
  • All about becoming a social media rock star
  • Ways to use video in your marketing strategy
  • How to plan, shoot, and edit and promote the perfect video
  • The ins and outs of online advertising
  • How to tap into the referral marketing goldmine
  • The secrets of successful event planning
  • How to use automation and to do all of the above on autopilot
  • Scripts, cheats and hacks to make it all effortless and even fun

Meet Your Instructors

Lee Moraitis

Multi Million Dollar Team Leader at Luxe Group
Real Estate Tech Expert
Team Coach & Speaker

Lee is a 25 Year Real Estate & Mortgage Veteran. He was the Co-Founder of Realty Commander, a SASS web based transaction management real estate software used by thousands of agents nationwide. After selling his software company to Showingtime in 2017, Lee and his wife Julie have been actively involved in building a national team of top real estate agents with eXp Realty.

Nicole Elizabeth Yaeger

ICON Agent & Top 50 Real Estate Agents On Social Media

As an independent agent, only 3 years in the industry, Nicole has been able to build a multimillion dollar business utilizing social media alone: “I focus on my SOI and building lasting relationships with other agents to grow my referral business.” As Nicole’s business grows, she shares her insights and knowledge with others so they can share the same success that she’s found with socials.

The Blueprint gives you access to game-changing lead generation and marketing software.

Getting the Blueprint gives you access to our collection of exclusive lead generation software, allowing you to leverage the power of automation to hack your way to Real Estate stardom.


The Blueprint comes pre-packaged with the following tools:

Your own personal community website, known as a TownSite

An automated newsletter that sends content to your subscribers

An automated scheduler which posts content to social media on your behalf

Resources, templates and pre-written content just for you

Step-by-step guides on how to use these tools effectively

Access to a-la-carte deals for any other services you might need

Effortlessly perform the following tasks using the power of automation.

Social Media Management

As you follow the Blueprint Course and content for your TownSite, it will schedule it to be posted on your social media feeds at the times it’s most likely to be viewed.

Email Marketing

Your content will be compiled into a newsletter and sent to the contacts in your CRM on a weekly basis—automatically, without needing to lift a finger.

Event Promotion

Hosting a seminar or open house? Post the event on your TownSite and it will spread the word by reminding your contacts and posting the event on social media.

Use your TownSite to increase your community influence.

What is a TownSite? It’s your own personal community website that’s different than the one your brokerage gave you. It uses automation to build your local influence and get you more leads. This is accomplished firstly by finding and showcasing top local businesses, events, deals and much more to deliver to your visitors, giving them a reason to reference you again and again.

Promote Local Businesses

Each TownSite comes with a directory of your town’s businesses and restaurants out of the box. It showcases the ones you decide to share with your audience.

Hyper-local Headlines

Your TownSite will pull the latest local news from your social media pages, turning it into the most content-rich source of community info on the web.

Events & Deals

Visitors are greeted with things to do and ways to save with an up-to-date list of community happenings and local discounts right on the homepage.

Show Off Your Listings

Your TownSite pulls your listings directly from your Real Estate site, so your viewers see them every time they’re interested in the goings-on of their community.

Your TownSite is completely customizable. Arrange the layout any way you choose and with any content you’d like with an industry-dominating drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding knowledge.

Automatic Lead Capture

Your TownSite works around the clock to convert your visitors into subscribers of your content using the most effective lead generation techniques. The more content you create, the bigger your contact list becomes.

Opt-in Forms

Chat Boxes


Home Valuation Forms

Exit Intent

Make content creation a snap with the help of The Modern Agent Blueprint’s Content Library.

You’ll find any resource you need for your Real Estate marketing in our upcoming Content Library.

Resources available to you include:

Video topics, scripts and guides: Eliminate script writing altogether with our list of video resources for all occasions.

Stock photos and videos: Don’t worry about signing up for a stock footage site or photographing your own content. It’ll already be available here for you to use.

Post and blog templates: Make written content creation easy with pre-written templates for potential newsworthy community topics.

Advertising resources: If you’re struggling to create compelling online ads, we can provide you with pre-made written and visual resources to simplify the process.

The Blueprint Marketplace:
A-la-carte services for the busy Real Estate agent.

Unless you’re a digital marketing company, It can be tough to maintain a consistent marketing schedule. If you need a helping hand, Blueprint Marketplace has your back.

The Blueprint Marketplace offers professional, pay-as-you-need-it services for all of the obstacles you may face during your online marketing journey. From blogging to video editing to advertising, you’ll be able to find the assistance you need here.

Get help with the following and more:

Edit your video footage

Write a compelling article

Grow your web traffic

Set up Facebook ads

Get more likes & comments

Get assistance with SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the Blueprint Course?

Agents who are looking to make more sales and are willing to put forth the effort to get there will benefit most from the Modern Agent Blueprint Course. We’ll be exploring positive mindset and lifestyle changes that will allow these valuable techniques to be applied to already packed schedules, and hints and hacks to remove repetitive tasks and reduce fatigue and burnout.

How much does it cost?

We currently offer the Blueprint Course for free! Just register for an account and you can start right away.

What are the prerequisites?

We assume that you’re a licensed Real Estate Agent with basic computer skills. No prior coding or marketing skills are needed, just a burning desire to succeed and the willingness to get there.

How long will it take to finish the Course?

The Blueprint Course has six sections, each which cover a major key point. We don’t recommend breezing through the entire program at once; rather take a week or two to explore and apply the methods presented in each section. Consider discussing them in the Blueprint Mastermind to get others’ opinions and advice. When you’re ready, move on to the next section.

How long will it take to see results?

Community influence does not happen overnight. It’s a slow-burning process that gains momentum over time. Working routinely and consistently, you should start seeing an impact over the course of a few months. We include a lot of advice on how to keep that momentum going and to avoid burning out over time.

Do I need TownSites to complete the Course?

You don’t need a TownSite to complete the Blueprint Course, similar to how you don’t need a car to get from Detroit to Chicago and you don’t need a knife and fork to eat a steak. You can certainly get to the end result by performing each step yourself, but while effort is still involved, using a TownSite automates a vast majority of the repetition and gets you results that much quicker. Learn more about TownSites here.

Get the Blueprint

The Modern Agent Blueprint:

Encourages you to rethink the way Real Estate Agents generate leads.

Enables you to skip the waiting, skip all of the guesswork and instantly empower you to drive your business with a laser-focused approach.

Empowers you with the knowledge needed to turn your prospects into clients and your competitors into dust.

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