Never chase leads again.

Introducing a lead generation tool like no other. TownSites uses automation to make you the most well-known agent in your town. Get a TownSite now and attain all you need to hack your way to hyper-local heroism.

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Skyrocket your leads as the local Real Estate authority

Get more deals without chasing prospects or spending a ton

Book more appointments with people in your community

Get paid more by your vendors

Become the face of Real Estate in your local area

What is a TownSite?

A TownSite is your own personal website that’s different than the one your brokerage gave you. It uses automation to build your local influence and get you more leads. This is accomplished firstly by finding and showcasing top local businesses, events, deals and much more to deliver to your visitors, giving them a reason to reference you again and again.

Promote Community Businesses

Each TownSite comes with a directory of your town’s businesses and restaurants out of the box. It showcases the ones you decide to share with your audience.

Hyper-local Headlines

Your TownSite will pull the latest local news from your community social media pages, turning it into the most content-rich source of community information on the web.

Events & Deals

Visitors are greeted with things to do and ways to save with an up-to-date list of community happenings and local discounts right on the homepage.

Show Off Your Listings

Your TownSite pulls your listings directly from your Real Estate site, so your viewers see them every time they’re interested in the goings-on of their community.

Stay True to Your Brand

Your TownSite is completely customizable. Arrange the layout any way you choose and with any content you’d like with an industry-dominating drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding knowledge.

Follow the Blueprint

and let your TownSite do the heavy work.

Your TownSite really shines when used alongside our Blueprint Course. It takes the content you create as you make your way through the Course and automatically delivers it to the places that matter.

Via the power of automation,

your TownSite will take care of:

Social Media Management

As you follow the Blueprint Course and content for your TownSite, it will schedule it to be posted on your social media feeds at the times it’s most likely to be viewed.

Email Marketing

Your content will be compiled into a newsletter and sent to the contacts in your CRM on a weekly basis—automatically, without needing to lift a finger.

Event Promotion

Hosting a seminar or open house? Post the event on your TownSite and it will spread the word by reminding your contacts and posting the event on social media.

Lead Capture

Your TownSite works around the clock to convert your visitors into subscribers of your content using the most effective lead generation techniques. The more content you create, the bigger your contact list becomes.

Opt-in Forms

Chat Boxes


Home Valuation Forms

Exit Intent
…and more!

Unless you’re a digital marketing company, It can be tough to maintain a consistent marketing schedule. If you need a helping hand, the TownSites Marketplace has your back.

TownSites Marketplace offers professional, pay-as-you-need-it services for all of the obstacles you may face during your online marketing journey. From blogging to video editing to advertising, you can find the assistance you need in the TownSites Marketplace.


You can do the following and more with help from the Marketplace.

Edit your video footage

Write a compelling article

Grow your web traffic

Set up Facebook ads

Get more likes & comments

Get assistance with SEO

Discover a whole new way to market your Real Estate business.

  • Position yourself as a community ambassador
  • Easily attract new clients who now know, like, and trust you
  • Quit worrying about what your competitors are doing
  • Stop wasting money on platforms that suck your time & energy
  • Get more leads, appointments, sales, and local recognition

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