Month 1 – Getting Started, Sales and Marketing Fundamentals
❏ Sales Calculator – Use your Sales Calculator to determine how many leads, connections,
presentations, contracts, and closings you’re going to need for you and your team to hit their
transaction goal.
❏ Lead Generation vs. Lead Conversion – Identify all lead sources (Zillow, Realtor, Social, SOI,
Data Providers, other). Then calculate your team’s current conversion rate over the past year
for each lead source.
❏ Write out how many transactions you expect from each lead source.
❏ See if it matches your projected/desired transaction and volume goal.
❏ Create an Action Plan to increase conversion rates on lead sources that you need to
increase conversion.
❏ Ensure your budget matches the need to decrease or increase the number of leads
needed to hit your goal.
❏ Consider hiring more agents, ISAs, and marketing assistants to increase effectiveness
on lead conversion and your marketing.
❏ Implement the 90-Day Action Plan to increase your conversion rates.
❏ Database Consolidation: There is nothing worse for lead conversion than having your
contacts scattered everywhere instead of one centralized location. This is one of the cardinal
sins of business and should be a priority. I’m talking about all your contacts. Instead of working
out of multiple CRM’s, every time you have a new lead source, make sure it drops into a single
CRM and connects to the right campaigns.
❏ Database Detox and verification -Then, you should partner with a company that can “detox”
your database. A sound detox system will provide you with more accurate phone numbers,
email addresses, and home addresses so you can be assured you’re not spending time and
money marketing and prospecting on bad leads. The verification process will ensure your
marketing has accurate information and not bad email addresses and phone numbers. This
process should be repeated every six months to a year until you eventually automate it. Make it
a part of your sales and marketing plan.
❏ Listings Opportunities from Your database and GEO Data – Outside of your internet leads,
past clients, and your SOI, you should find cost-effective ways to generate listing opportunities
from your database. You should set up database providers who can give you names, emails,
phone numbers, and addresses for FSBO, expired, for rent by owners leads, and data pulled in
geographical areas. People forget that most buyers are also sellers, so you want to make sure
your content leans towards sellers so that you can get more listings from your internet leads.
❏ Behavioral Lead Scoring – Save massive amounts of time and energy on converting leads by
developing a “hotness” score. Every one of your leads has behaviors that will predict the
likeliness they will move, and Behavioral A.I. can track those behaviors and give you a hotness
score. These are the people you should be marketing hard to.
❏ Pipeline Tracking and Reporting – You should have a general bucket of leads, and then as
you work your leads, move them into different stages like appointment-set, 30-, 60-, 90-, or 6-
month follow up. Ensure you pull reports once a week to see what is happening with your
pipeline and what is affecting conversion rates.
❏ Website Analytics – Make sure your website is hooked up to analytics so you can track what
people are doing to make improvements to your conversion rates on your site.
❏ Marketing Automation – Set up your marketing automation to leverage technology and
increase your lead conversion rates. You should have the following campaigns set up in your
marketing automation in sync with your CRM. Your campaigns should automate as many
channels of marketing as possible. (email, text, ringless voicemail, Facebook, retargeting
ads, and postcards)
❏ 10 Days of Rain Buyer Campaign
❏ 40+ Touch buyer campaign that gets triggered after your 10 Days of Rain
❏ 10 Days of Rain Seller Campaign
❏ 40+ Touch seller campaign that gets triggered after your 10 Days of Rain
❏ 10 Days of Rain Recruiting Campaign
❏ 40+ Touch Recruiting campaign that gets triggered after your 10 Days of Rain
❏ 40+ Touch SOI campaign / Past Client Campaign
❏ Speed To Lead Strategies – It’s proven that if you don’t get to a lead fast, at the point that the
lead was generated, it destroys lead conversion. It’s important to leverage technology and
inside sales agents to help you follow up and convert the leads. Consider an A.I.-powered
assistant and hiring an ISA to follow up on your leads if you find you are not getting to them fast
enough. We see agent appointments double or even triple from this strategy alone.
❏ Lead Follow Up – Develop a process by which you and your team call your leads a minimum of
six times in 10 days until they get moved into a different phase of your pipeline. One of the
biggest mistakes is depending on technology to do your job. It will move it further down the
sales funnel, catching low hanging fruit, but if you want to maximize your lead conversion, you
need to call at least six times in addition to your “10 days of rain.”
❏ Your Daily Sales and Marketing Plan- Consistency is the missing link for 90% of
professionals, and it is the number contributor to success. Set yourself up for success by time
blocking a minimum of two hours a day to follow up on leads and implement daily sales and
marketing activities. You can refer to the time blocking section and daily sales and marketing
action plan to give you ideas.
❏ Unique Value Proposition – You should identify one unique value proposition (UVP) that you
want your business to be known for and then make sure you market it to everyone. This is the
most powerful branding strategy there is, but few agents do it well. You should also have
several UVPs for specific niches to increase lead conversion. You can learn more about this in
the section we train on about UVPs
❏ Sales and Marketing Calendar – Reference your sales and marketing calendar daily to identify
recommended daily activities to help you stay consistent with your plan.
❏ Marketing Materials – Ensure you have your marketing materials upgraded and ready to go for
each campaign type. If you’re trying to focus on getting more listings, you should have a prelistings packet/credibility packet, strong listings presentation, scripts and dialogs
memorized/outlined, UVPs, seller discovery sheets, and educational materials, all setup. You
have access to samples of all of these in the sales and marketing academy’s resource section.
Your marketing tool kit has monthly marketing material for all of your marketing activities.
❏ Sales and Marketing Academy – Be sure to plug into as many mastermind sessions as
possible to gain key insights on executing the sale and marketing strategies outlined in this
Month 2 – Launch Advanced Sales and Marketing Campaigns
❏ Database Marketing Campaign – Launch your 100+ Referrals Marketing Campaign and set
yourself up for success with lead conversion on your SOI. This campaign, combined with your
automation, should generate one transaction per 7-10 contacts in your SOI. This assumes your
“SOI” is ( People who know you well, Past Clients, and Vendor Partners)
❏ Listings Domination Campaigns – Launch your geo farming campaigns and or FSBO/Expired
Campaigns to generate more listings opportunities.
❏ Promotional Marketing Campaigns – launch your first 100 Calls in a day campaign to start
generating a massive amount of inbound phone calls. Consider doing this once a quarter
❏ Social Media Publishing plan – Launch the Simple version of your social media publishing
❏ Marketing Your Listings – Leverage your listings to generate more listings using paid ads on
social media to generate more leads and get more exposure to your properties. Revisit your
geo farming strategies to incorporate JL/JS campaigns
❏ Time Blocking – Take a look at your daily sales and marketing activities and make adjustments
to improve your consistency and focus.
❏ Solo Agents Vs. Team – Depending on your business’s size and the resources you have, we
recommend that you focus on one specialized campaign every 90 days and make sure you’re
executing on it. Then when you have it running like a machine, consider moving on to another.
Example: If you are focused on launching more on referrals, you might want to start with the
100+ referrals marketing campaign and focus on that for 90 days. Then you can move on to the
Promotional Marketing or Listings Domination. Be honest with yourself and your team on how
much you can implement at one time. This is a 12+ month game plan, so don’t overwhelm
Month 3 – Scaling Your Business
❏ Business Planning – Revisit your business plan and make sure that it matches any changes in
your business. If you have not done a formal business plan, do so. You can use our resources
to help you get started.
❏ People, Process, and Tools – Break your business down into smaller impact areas and look
at the people, processes, and tools you are using to grow your business. If something is not
working, it comes down to one of those three things.
❏ Customer Experience- Apply strategies to build a strong customer service culture and system
to provide the best experience possible.
❏ Hiring Support – Consider key positions that you need to hire to help give you leverage in your
business to execute the playbook’s strategies. Hiring an assistant who can do multiple
❏ Social Media Publishing Plan – Launch/optimize your video marketing and social media
publishing plan when you find the right marketing assistant to help you.
❏ Business Scorecard- Use the Business Scorecard and Swot Analysis to Identify areas of
❏ Recruiting Agents – Consider scaling your business and recruiting a team of agents. Finding 1
or two agents can change the dynamic of your business.
❏ Leadership – Start looking for ways to improve your culture and bring the best out of your team
and vendor relationships.
❏ Vision and Mission – Develop a vision and mission that is “Viral” and creates excitement
throughout the organization.
❏ Review your key metrics – Develop a system that allows you to view key metrics in every area
of your business.
❏ Impact Area Meetings – Start holding key impact area meetings to discuss ways to improve
your outcomes based on the metrics. Example: Technology, Sales/ Marketing, Operations/HR,
Finance/Legal, Customer Service. Meet in one area of your business every day and focus on
improvements week to week.
❏ Personal development – Working on all aspects of your life makes you a better business
person. It provides the balance needed to be the best for your business and your family.
❏ Develop a Wealth Creation plan – The worst thing you can do is start generating strong cash
flow and growth for your business but not have any system set up to create wealth over time.